Promoting Research Through ICT ExcellencE

The ICT Award for Biomedical and Behavioural Researchers

In the course of the MEPI-sponsored NECTAR, CHRIS, and IMHERZ awards, MMed scholars enjoyed great success in completing their dissertation projects using information and communication technology (ICT) support provided by collaborating institutions. These experiences demonstrated convincingly that self-sustaining ICT resources at University of Zimbabwe will advanced all manner of research ranging from basic science and translational research to clinical registries to population-based intervention studies. The primary goal of PRICE is to establish such resources at UZ in collaboration with University of Colorado Denver and the Children's Hospital of Colorado of the 3 years of the award.The specific areas of focus for PRICE activities are as follows:

  1. Train researchers to use ICT

    We will develop a curriculum directed at clinical and translational researchers focused on a practical introduction to several open source platforms including REDCap, OpenOffice, Epi Info, and R. The curriculum will include didactic material presented in a workshop format, problem-based learning including example data sets and solutions, and direct mentoring by UC Denver collaborators and UZ ICT experts. At the end of the award, there will be sufficient material to train future cohorts of researchers.

  2. Establish an ICT core team at UZ

    We will train a team of UZ ICT experts in both basic and advanced informatics. This team will a) provide training and support to clinical researchers using the materials developed above, b) provide advanced informatics services required by clinical researchers, and c) facilitate interaction between researchers and other resources such as the Computer Centre to design applications that support medical research. At the end of the award, there will be an ICT team comprised of 5-7 members with expertise ranging from database management to high-throughput analytics who can support UZ researchers indefinitely.

  3. Develop mHealth application infrastructure

    Using 1-3 pilot applications, we will establish a technical infrastructure and design framework for mobile technology-based applications that can be used for remote research data collection as well as healthcare provider education and decision support. In collaboration with the mHealth Service Center at UC Denver, the UZ Computer Centre will design and develop these applications using platforms common in UZ. The data collected by this application will be managed directly by the ICT team. At the end of the award, we will have at least 1 fully functional mHealth application in active use for research purposes. We will also have an established framework and documentation templates for future applications.

ICT has transformed biomedical research worldwide. Given the availability of powerful, low-cost or free software packages that can be used for research purposes, availability of training resources and ICT expertise has the potential to rapidly advance the speed and productivity of research at UZ. PRICE will provide the foundation upon which to build a sophisticated, self-sustaining ICT resources to support research faculty and strengthen the academic environment at University of Zimbabwe.

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